Case Studies



Kekkilä-BVB is the European market leader in professional growing media solutions, providing high-quality substrates and services to horticultural businesses and consumers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Kekkilä-BVB prides itself on having a strong focus on customer success and strives to deliver all products on time. This is no easy task considering the thousands of custom-made products and high seasonality. This, combined with their core value of daring to innovate, led them to the Data Refinery Planning (DRP) system.

By combining the expertise of the planners at Kekkilä-BVB with the power of DRP, we were able to demonstrate impressive results. DRP was able to deliver 3-5% more orders on time (almost 100%), while using 5-10% less time and reducing maximum stock in storage by 15-30%. Impressive results, especially considering that they were achieved based on data from 2020, when Covid-19 caused highly fluctuating demand and planning had never been such a challenging task.

DRP is currently being implemented in 3 of their Dutch factories.


Bromelia Specialist

“Bromelia Specialist asked us to help them learn as much as possible about consumer needs to assist them in growing and brightening up the world with bromeliads. By analyzing both internal data and search trends, we helped Bromelia Specialist gather more insights that aid in quantifying and predicting consumer demand.

We started by gathering information on product categories, competing houseplants, and interior color trends for England, Germany, and France. By delving into the data and visualizing the results, we found interesting differences between countries that can be used over time to target specific consumer groups.

The next challenge is to integrate and utilize the vast amounts of available information to predict years ahead and thus formulate data-driven, tailored production plans. Since this can reduce the costly mismatch between production and demand, this is an area where there is still much to be gained.”