Demand Planning


Better demand planning offers many benefits. How can we help your company?

The Data Refinery Demand Planning system uses AI to create a clear demand forecast based on your company- and market-specific variables.

Operational efficiency

Streamline operational processes by improving production, purchasing and distribution planning. Use resources more efficiently and make better use of production facilities.

Collaboration in the chain

By better understanding your own demand, you can collaborate better in the chain. Clear communication with suppliers, distributors and retailers improves overall coordination and efficiency.

Inventory optimization

Better insights into future demand results in better inventory planning and helps avoid unnecessary surpluses or shortages, thus minimizing inventory costs.

On time delivery

Demand forecasting makes it possible to accurately schedule production and delivery, allowing your company to ensure timely and reliable deliveries to customers.

Less over- and underproduction

By better understanding future demand, you can avoid overproduction, resulting in a loss of resources. Or underproduction, which can jeopardize customer satisfaction.

Better decisions

Better insights into demand allow your company to make better strategic decisions regarding production, inventory management, distribution channels and market expansion.

Demand forecasting tool

The benefits of good demand forecasting

Our AI-powered forecasting tool accurately predicts your product sales for the next four weeks, including weather and holiday effects. You can add your own sales forecast and receive alerts on deviations, allowing you to make quick adjustments. Our offer:

An accurate demand forecast helps you on many levels. Use our demand plannning tools to make more targeted purchases and manage your inventory to avoid waste. You can also improve estimates on the needed production amount and match your people and machine capacity accordingly.


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