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Do you have a dynamic production environment where production planning is never finalized? Is there always that throws a spanner in the works?

The Data Refinery Planning system is designed to provide optimal planning in a dynamic environment. It adapts in a matter of seconds. Also applicable to changes in the last minute.

Changed orders

Process urgent orders, cancellations or additional orders into the planning without delivery problems

Adjusted delivery

Adjust production planning when new or existing customers require a different delivery time

Unexpected situations

Optimally deal with unexpected situations such as disruptions or illness of production staff

Stock optimzation

Adjust production based on available inventories in case you have shortages or surpluses

Data Refinery Planning System

Production planning made easy

The Data Refinery Planning System creates optimal production planning at your request using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud computing. The system connects seamlessly with:

Live connection to your ERP ensures you are always working with the latest information!

Production scheduling software
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20 tot 50% time savings

of the planner
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5 tot 20% time savings

on changeover times
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5 tot 30% savings

on maximum inventories
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On-time / in-full

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